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Gary Miller

The background for Gary, as related to mechanical investigation experience, started in July 1968. At that time, Gary became a Driver Examiner for the Missouri State Highway Patrol. In October of 1974, he transferred to the Motor Vehicle Inspection Division. Gary stayed with this department for 27 years, achieving the rank of Chief Motor Vehicle Inspector, until his retirement in August 2002.

Throughout his tenure, Gary developed many programs to enhance and instruct in issues of motor vehicle safety. Gary created a Power Point presentation for school bus pre-trip inspection as related to mechanical defects. Gary has inspected, or directly supervised the inspection of over 20,000 school buses. During his service with the Patrol, Gary delivered numerous instructional lectures on vehicle safety and consumer awareness.

In 1992, Gary began a program of assisting the Missouri State Highway Patrol Major Crash Team Investigators with inspections to help determine if any mechanical defects contributed to the crash. He also assisted the reconstructionists in the Springfield Missouri Police Department. Following serious or fatal crashes, Gary assisted the Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Springfield Police Department, and other local agencies with approximately 40 mechanical inspections. Gary later taught vehicle mechanical inspection to the other Troops at the Patrol Academy in Jefferson City, Missouri. Not only is this program now used statewide, it is often requested by outside law enforcement agencies.

Gary is also an expert in vehicle identification. He has testified as an expert witness in auto theft cases. Gary has been involved in the investigation and identification of several hundred stolen vehicle cases. In addition, he has identified burned vehicles to authenticate the proper VIN and ownership.

During his career as a Motor Vehicle Inspector, Gary has attended numerous schools and seminars, some of which include:
  • Motor Vehicle Inspection School - Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Brake School - General Motors Training
  • Steering and Suspension School - Moog Automotive Center
  • 13 Retraining Schools - Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Police Instructors School - Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • Auto Theft School - Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • May 8, 2003 – Fire investigation training, Rocky Mountain Two Conference, Denver, Colorado
  • October 3, 2003 – Fire investigation training, Springfield, Missouri
  • Additional employment – 1963 –1968, employed as an automotive machinist and parts counter person at O’Reilly Automotive in Springfield, Missouri

Gary is now employed by Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, L.C., and has been for over eight years.  The main office is located in Concordia, Missouri, telephone (660) 463-7006.  The satellite office is located in Springfield, Missouri, telephone (800) 200-2752.
April 3, 2003 - Fire investigation training, given by John Wilke of Boone County Fire Department, Concordia, Missouri

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