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Nathan St. Clair Nathan St. Clair

Nathan St. Clair is an accident reconstructionist employed by Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, LC in Concordia, Missouri. Mr. St. Clair came to work at Midwest Accident in January 2013. He has first-hand experience examining over 400 vehicles and reconstructing nearly 200 accidents. He has completed courses in Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis, Traffic Crash Reconstruction, BOSCH CDR Tool TechnicianTraining, Applied Physics for Collision Reconstruction and Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Accident Investigation. Mr. St Clair is also Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction or ACTAR.

Mr. St. Clair holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Southwest Baptist University. Through first-hand mechanical experience, field work and specialized training in accident reconstruction, he can effectively apply and communicate the principles and methodologies used in accident reconstruction. Having completed the Bosch CDR technician training, Mr. St. Clair is also qualified to download Airbag Control Modules.

For two years, Mr. St. Clair has taught portions of a course covering the basics of accident reconstruction. As part of the course, Mr. St. Clair has taught forensic mapping and how to download Airbag Control Modules. He also assisted with crash simulations for class exercises.

Contact Nathan at nst.clair@accidentinvestigation.com

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